English Club Göppingen
Sprachclub Göppingen

Herzlich willkommen!

Kewal Lekha

Kewal Lekha  -  English Club Göppingen


We meet


  • the 1st Monday of the month at Frisch Auf Restaurant in Göppingen, Hohenstaufenstr. 147

  • the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Toscana Ristorante in Göppingen, Mittlere Karlstraße 126

  • the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Golfpark Restaurant in Göppingen, Fraunhoferstr. 2


Dates and venues are subject to change, if you want to make sure, you can contact Kewal Lekha in advance.

We welcome everybody from 19.00 hours onwards.

What would our English Club be if we didn´t have anyone to organize it for us!

We are very grateful to have Kewal Lekha to do this for us.

He puts in many hours of his time into our club, organizing all our activities.

So if you are interested in joining our club, please contact Kewal.



The Highlight s of the year are:


a) We meet in the beginning of the year, with one outward meeting enjoying Indian meal at one famous Indian restaurant.


b) Our BBQ in Summer ( Invitation & Informations are sent to all members informing the Time and the exact Place. For the last ten years we have it reglarly at the Garden of Suren Dixit & Family in Rechberghausen. Many Thanks to Suren & Monika again)

We also receive a visit from our local Newspaper for a small report.


c) To end the year, we have regularly our Christmas Dinner, which varies, with the menu & the restaurant.

Last but not least up to now, we always have als Dessert the original Christmas Pudding from U.K. & other delicious puddings, cakes created by other members as well.

A small entertainment is presented too. We also hold a raffle to boost our finances.


To all the three above mentioned big events, You will receive an Invitation for you and your relatives a few weeks in advance.


So when did the English Club begin?


This seems to be so long ago (about 1985) so that it doesn´t seem relevant any more. We were lucky enough to have the support of the VHS who paid for phone calls, postage, photocopying etc. Originally, it was VHS teachers who were teaching English at the time, but after a short while they brought their husbands and friends along.


Since then our venues have changed and various different people have helped organize the club. I would, however, like to add that the original idea of the club has not changed and that is to feel free to come along and have a chat in English. It doesn´t matter if you can´t come along on a regular basis but you should be able to converse in English.


If you are interested in joining our club contact Kewal Lekha,


telephone: 07161/ 5 30 82 or Fax 07161/502 140

Mon - Fri  9.00 - 9.30 am and  3.00 - 4.00 pm

or you are welcome to visit us at one of our meetings.


Membership costs:


  • Full Membership Euro 15 annually
  • Joint membership Euro 17.50 annually
  • annually for students/unemployed Euro 10
  • Company Euro 20


Our club needs active members, so if you are an active person - join us!


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You're most welcome to visit us,

to brush up your English language

and converse in English.

Here is a list of the forthcoming meetings in Göppingen:


Frisch Auf Restaurant
Hohenstaufenstraße 142
73033 Göppingen
Tel: 07161-73963



Toscana Ristorante
Mittlere Karlstraße 126

73033 Göppingen
Tel: 07161 - 504 80 72



Golfpark Restaurant 
Fraunhoferstr. 2

73037 Göppingen
Tel: 07161 - 9868266